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Meredith Loughran web designer, wordpress, wix, weeby

Price ranges from $495 and up

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Everyone should have a home on the ‘net

I am a front-end Web Designer who works primarily in WordPress specializing in developing a unique home on the web for individuals and small businesses, tailored to their aesthetic and brand.

Please check some of my samples and contact me for a web design consultation.

Active Listener & Objective Observer

I help individuals take positive next steps to overcome obstacles, find efficiencies, and challenge the status quo in personal development not through giving advice but asking the right questions.

Meredith Loughran consultant family, small business, positivity, mindset, depression, Aspergers

$75 per hour 

Skype video

Meredith Loughran clean and verbatim transcriptions

$1.25 per audio/video minute

Clean & Verbatim Transcription Services

I have 15+ years of audio transcription experience using Express Scribe software and a foot pedal. My transcriptions are tailored to your specific needs and I automatically assume non-disclosure status.

I have transcribed interviews for major magazines, doctoral candidates, police & insurance investigations, as well as podcasts and closed captioning for YouTube videos.

The Write Stuff

My writing services include guest blogging, researched articles, opinion pieces, ghost writing, and copy writing and I am open to a multitude of topics and genres. No article or piece is too big or too small.

Meredith Loughran professional writing


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