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Meredith Loughran is an independent writer, livestreamer, podcaster, and self-deprecating humorist. A classically trained soloist, she loves to hit the high notes and speaks her mind. Meredith has never been accused of being normal. In fact, she boasts that there are no official documents that claim she is sane.

Meredith is a contributing writer for Geek Insider as well as the Executive Producer and Editor for several shows under its banner. 

Show titles include Geeky, Cheeky and Downright Freaky with Matthew Harris; Geek Speak which she co-hosts with Matthew Harris, and Lady Geek Live.

The Comic Newb is a show that chronicles Meredith’s journey into producing her first comic book as she gets schooled by the pros. While it falls under the banner of Geek Insider, it has been embraced by the Comic Book Advocates Network.

If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Meredith is the Managing Editor at WildOne Forever, and hosts a podcast with the same name; a show that often has a panel of people discussing the human condition. 

The Morning Nosh is a 10 – 15 minute show which gives anecdotes, inspiration or positive messaging to start one’s day.

Meredith lives in central Florida with her husband and best friend, Patrick, and two rescue dogs.

My Books

A Woman Alive - Fantasy, Meredith Loughran

A Woman Alive

Five years married and their sex life gone stale, Deanna’s husband surprises her with a “free pass” in a swing club for their anniversary. Conflicted but willing to try something new, forbidden passion awakes the beast. She is A Woman Alive but this isn’t just a fantasy. Erotica

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expires Jun 20, 2020

Meredith Loughran, Hearts Conspired, romance book cover

Hearts Conspired

An alternate historical romance. Forced into a marriage of convenience, Elsbeth and Miles face danger on multiple fronts, from assassination attempts to conspiracy and high treason. The problem is, they are both suspects.

Meredith Loughran, The Compendium of Dread vol 1

The Compendium of Dread

Volume One

An anthology of short fiction and micro tales that will make you question your reality and fear the night. A perfect book to spook your friends, especially around a crackling campfire. 


WildOne Forever

WildOne Forever

This podcast includes a long-form interview / discussion format and The Morning Nosh, a short morning podcast fashioned to start one’s day on a positive note. 


The Geek Insider Podcast

The Geek Insider Podcast

This podcast actually houses several podcasts under the Geek Insider umbrella of shows. It includes: Clever Title Pending, hosted by Brian K. Morris; Geeky, Cheeky and Downright Freaky, hosted by Matthew Harris; Geek Speak, co-hosted by Matthew Harris and Meredith Loughran; as well as the replays of previous events such as Geek Out Virtual Con. 


Meredith Loughran has been a content creator since she could pick up a pen but she didn’t get serious about honing her craft until the 90’s. 


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Meredith Loughran

Write hard and clear about what hurts.

– Ernest Hemingway

Meet Meredith

July 10-12

Tampa Bay Comic Con

Holding my breath to see if this event is actually going to happen. 

August 22-23

Infinity Toy and Comic Con

Holding my breath to see if this event is actually going to happen. 

October 30 – November 1

MegaCon • Orlando, FL

It’s been rescheduled twice thanks to C-19 but maybe three time’s a charm. I’ll be walking around snapping photos and snagging interviews.

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Coming Soon!