Well, damn…

I had no intention of starting a blog for my website but upon reflection, it’s probably a good idea to pop in once in a while to let you know I’ve got a pulse. Frankly, if I stop writing it’s because someone cranked my cold, dead hands off my keyboard, plus, the last thing I want to do is have a stale site.

From henceforth ’til that cold day in hell, I shall refer to this entity as my BLAHg – not to be mistaken, bored or confounded by a simple blog. A BLAHg seems most appropriate for nonsensical drivel, don’t you think?

While you’re here, I want to explain The Coffee Fund that you see on the bottom of my page.

It’s a “tip jar” that is directed to my PayPal Me page.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it but it certainly can’t hurt, right? Tips will be used to offset the cost of maintaining this server. Thank goodness I don’t have to pay anyone to build or maintain my site – but the server and URL are out of pocket. It bothers me that I don’t have an SSL certificate so anyone trying to use https: will likely get an error. Hey, I have to pick my battles with my budget.

I’ve been putting in some crazy hours with Geek Insider, WildOne Forever, and the Comic Book Advocates Network and frankly, I also need a new office chair — and copious amounts of coffee to keep me functioning.

Value is subjective but if you feel that my content is worthy, a small tip is always appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by and please subscribe to my newsletter.


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